Jan 1, 2013

The Mobile Website Trend in 2013

According to some recent surveys, it has been proved that mobile surfing has easily sidestepped desktop surfing in the last few years. This elucidates the significance of mobile websites in the present scenario. Hence, with an aim of surviving in this competitive segment, you would definitely require a mobile website. This is not all.
You would also require integrating some strategies to ensure that the mobile website ranks high in search engine results and is user- friendly. This may sound like a cakewalk to you but it is not. The process demands consistent efforts and planning from your side.

The remarkable growth of mobile online usage has created a revolution in the way businesses will be conducted in 2013. Use of mobile phone has increased significantly owing to the hi-end features incorporated into the mobile devices. Now this is not the end. In fact, the trend is going to continue as Smart phones continue to break into the market at lightning speed. With the growth in popularity and density of Smartphones in the market, the basic trend in business and marketing these days is completely targeted straight to mobile communications. For any business that looks forward to stay ahead of the competition, it is definitely important to explore the option to invest in a mobile website.

The ever growing popularity for instant searches and info has given it a niche place in many industries. However, it has certain restrictions; size being one of the major ones. Although, a hand held device cannot replace the place of a computer when it comes to ease of use, the Smartphone facilities available for users these days has made it really easy and exciting for people to access the World Wide Web through their mobile phones.

The year 2013 is on its way. The new year is surely set to bring about some new trends and end some of the old ones. One of the newest trends is the revolutionized mobile website usage trend. Yes, 2013, is definitely going to be a mobile year. Web designers are all set to adopt this trend. Hence, it's a good idea to stay up on this trend and incorporate it into your websites to give something better to your customers.

The following information will also be helpful for small business owners looking for information on how their websites should be designed. The current trend is focused on user experience and mobile ready. Here are some of the top trends that will rule 2013:

Responsive Mobile Web Design

As already discussed, mobile will be the ruling trend for 2013. According to a recent survey, it has been proved that about 45 per cent of adults use a smartphones. This number is growing at the speed of light. It is expected that mobile screen size and resolution will vary to ensure perfect compatibility with the World Wide Web.

Infinity Scrolling

The scrolling features offer the best options for scrolling down the page. This functionality is now being introduced into many of the major websites and is definitely a trend for 2013.

HTML5 and CSS3

HTML and CSS3 was definitely on the trend list last year and there will be a definite increase in its implementation in the forthcoming year.

The web trends are going mobile and the trend is here to stay and thrive!