Dec 6, 2012

Best Practices

Why most websites just don’t work anymore?

With the trend of online marketing, most if the traffic building techniques will cease to work and others will rise to fame. Unfortunately, many online marketers will still continue to utilize old tactics even once they fail to work

What is the reason behind this?

Since Google does not announce the changes they make in their algorithm, it is quite difficult for some of the marketers to come up with something unique and effective. Here’s a list of mistakes most online marketers and website development experts tend to make and drive people away from their site and make you to lose business and reputation:

"Under construction"

So your website is not ready for customers? It is good to take time and build a good website. However, it is quite unprofessional to put an “under construction” sign. Websites are Live Documents. Their basic job is to change and grow. If you put an “under construction” sign on your website, the audience will consider you as an amateur. In case, your business website is not ready to be shown to the public, keep from publishing it.

The Search Box

The internet is similar to a collection of information. Hence, a specialized a search box is essential for your website to help visitors reach to the kind of info they had been looking for. Your potential client might be searching for something that is not apparent on your website. Using a search box will help them get what they are looking for.

Visitor Counters

Do you really think visitors care about the number of people visiting your site? In case, the visitor counter displays a low number, people visiting your website can have apprehensions about it and if it’s too high, they’ll doubt a forged number. It is better to drop the idea of using the visitor counter. The best thing to do is to reach out to a good hosting company and get accurate assessment of people visiting your site.

Unorganized Content Layout

Understand that a website’s content is the major traffic driving factor. The fashion in which your website content is planned is will decide its success or failure online. Users generally do not read unless absolutely necessary. However, they just look forward to scan through info and choose the points of interest on any web page. If your designer is just including a block of text on the website page and ignoring the major factors such as headings, sub-headings, bullets, paragraphs, paragraphs, etc. there are less chances for your website to gain popularity.

Stuffing the Site with Technology!

There are many new, amazing techie things available these days to let you program into your website. However, if they are distract the target audience from your message, or make your page load really slow, the visitors will not feel good about it. So the key is to ditch the extra technology. Simplicity works well. Recent surveys have proved that individuals look for simplicity and easy/user-friendly navigation in websites.

Strictly Avoid

  • Long Sentences
  • Long Pages
  • Bad Navigation
  • Inconsistent Interface Design
  • Unfriendly Screen Resolution
  • More of Flash
  • More Whitespace